Forbes: Little Black Book Of Health, Beauty And Wellness Practitioners

by Bridget Arsenault

Not all skin was created equal. “The skin on the chest is totally different from the skin on your face,” explained Soke Beauty founder Amy Newman Brown when launching her brand. “It is very much the same as the delicate areas in and around your eye.” Together with a biomedical engineer and a cosmetic chemist, Newman Brown spent three years developing a treatment that would be suitable for all skin types. Enter Soke Beauty, a product that includes a potent cocktail of ingredients that plump, sooth and diminish lines around the chest and eyes. “I know that taking 30 minutes out for anyone can be nearly impossible, so Soke had to be easy.” The treatment can be applied anytime—in front of the computer, while making dinner, or when watching TV. And it never needs to be washed off, it just melts into the skin.