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Improve the Skin on Your Chest and Neck

Have you been neglecting your neck, chest, and décolletage?

The delicate skin on your chest and your neck deserve to be cared for. All too often we just swipe our neck and chest with the last bits of our serum or our favourite moisturizer. Who hasn’t heard the expression “to extend your facial routine downward”? But there is more you can do to ensure that your neck, chest and décolletage receive the attention and care they deserve.

Here are a few effective tips and strategies you can apply at home to achieve firmer, more youthful and glowing skin from your chest all the way up to your neckline.

8 Tips on How to Improve the Skin on Your Chest and Neck at Home

  1. Remember to cleanse your chest and your neck. Use a cleanser to remove impurities and prepare your skin for upcoming steps.
  2. Once cleansed use a toner to balance the skin on your face as well as your Chest and Neck. Soak a cotton pad with your favourite toner and gently pat into the skin on your chest and Neck
  3. Hydration is key to maintain both these areas. A hydrating serum or moisturizer will keep your neck looking supple and nourished. Look for skin care products that have glycerin, peptides that will help to increase collagen production and improve elasticity, and hyaluronic acid.
  4. Stay consistent with your skin care routine without skipping your neck and your chest.
  5. Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend and most of us forget to apply it on our neck. Both the chest and the neck are often exposed to the sun. Protect these areas an important step to prevent premature aging and wrinkling.
  6. Posture matters. Maintaining good position when you are looking at your phone will reduce the risk of sagging and wrinkles over time.
  7. Enhance and boost your regular skin care routine with our Soke Hydrogel Neck Treatment. Our multi-peptide infused technology will treat your skin with active high quality ingredients to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate.
  8. Use our Soke Hydrogel Neck and Chest treatments to supplement your regular routine at least two times a week. Our innovative hydrogel technology improves your skin’s ability to absorb beneficial ingredients leading to superior results in just 30 minutes!