The Secret to Masking Effectively

Everything you need to know to make the most out of your Soke Hydrogel Treatments.  Not all masks are created equal. From clay to peel-off and sheet masks, every type needs a different application method so you can get the best results. Soke is no exception.  As the first of its kind, Soke’s unique extra-largeContinue reading

Face Masks Through History

From ancient Egypt to the influencer era, and beyond.  With a quick stroll through the aisles of Sephora, Nordstrom’s beauty department, or even your local drugstore, you’re guaranteed to see dozens of face mask options. Whether you use them daily as part of your skincare routine or occasionally as a self-care treat, we cannot denyContinue reading

Conquering the Invisible Woman

There’s no shortage of movies where the mature male star’s romantic counterpart is played by an actress who is decades his junior, while women in his own age bracket are noticeably absent from the picture. In Hollywood and in real life, women of a certain age tend to be ignored, leading to feelings of decreasedContinue reading

How to Age Like a Pro

There’s a new wellness movement in town and it’s called pro-aging. Unlike anti-aging attitudes of the past—where the goal was to deny, deny, deny and try to turn back the clock by any means possible—pro-aging is a wholehearted embrace of who you are and how you got there. It’s about taking ownership of visual changesContinue reading