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What’s the “Stick” and Why You Need It: The Hydrogel Multipeptide & Collagen Mask That Doesn’t Fall Off

Soke’s magic is contained in its specially formulated multipeptide-infused hydrogel technology. It is key to the instant brightening, lifting, and smoothing effects in the delicate neck, chest, and eye areas.

One of the hydrogel’s unique and important features is the “stick” – its exceptional stickiness. Soke masks stay in place throughout the treatment which allows the active ingredients and peptides to do their job.

Nothing Compares to Soke

  1. A unique blend of peptides, water, and a tightening polymer that provides visible results with just one application.

    I absolutely LOVED Soke Chest treatment. As a lifelong side-sleeper, I started to see the fine lines on my chest. My results were instant and I already have a plan to use them again before my holiday parties. Totally worth the investment!
    – Nancy R.

  2. The gel matrix keeps all the active ingredients fresh until ready to use and delivers them directly to your skin, without any mess. This ensures maximum potency and maximum absorption, so every drop counts.

    The following guides were implemented for all before and after photos:
    – Taken in same head position
    – Taken in same lighting conditions
    – Taken from the same distance from the camera
    – Taken in the same room and background

  3. The outer layer of the Soke treatment mask is dry to the touch. This extra layer retains the moisture and protects the active ingredients from evaporating, giving them the time to penetrate and work their magic.
  4. Finally, the “stick”. The gel is exceptionally sticky, and from the get-go was designed with a busy lifestyle in mind. As your skin absorbs peptides and actives, the stick keeps your mask secure and in place, letting you move through life comfortably. Whether it’s Zoom calls, flights, yoga sessions, or dinner prep, Soke fits into your schedule seamlessly thanks to the stick.