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The Girlfriend: “There’s A Patch For That!”

Soke Beauty Chest/Décolletage Treatment

For many Gen Xers, cleavage wrinkles, aka “clinkles,” may just be starting to show themselves. Louis P. Bucky, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Philadelphia, says the skin on your décolletage is different than the skin on your face, as it “has less blood supply than other areas, like the face, and therefore needs to be treated more delicately. It’s also more susceptible to visible signs of aging and sun damage.” If between-the-breasts wrinkles bother you, the Soke hydrogel patches may be your V-neck shirt’s new BFF. They use intense hydration and peptides to plump up lines. Wear the patch for 30 minutes — you can even wear it while prepping for a big night out and it will stay put — and peel it off for cleavage looking as youthful as that of your favorite Peloton instructor.