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The Globe and Mail: What’s the benefit of using skin-care products on my chest and decolletage?

The neck and chest are often as exposed to the elements as your face but they can be overlooked in skin-care routines. According to dermatologist Dr. Sheetal Sapra and plastic surgeon Dr. Julie Khanna of ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery in Oakville, Ont., the concerns that their patients have about this area are typically changes in colour, tone and texture. Sapra and Khanna say that since this is one area of the body that can’t be treated with surgery, they recommend being pro-active in caring for it. At home, they say that can include using vitamin C serums and sun protection as the first line of defence, as well as creams that increa hydration and support the production of new elastin and collagen. One simple way to achieve this is to extend your serum, moistruizer and sunscreen applications below the jawline when you’re applying them to your face.

My Recommendation

I love masking at home, especially when the product is easy to apply. Founded by Amy Newman Brown, Toronto-based Soke specializes in jelly-like hydrogel masks. The heart-shaped option designed especially for the décolletage contains ingredients that hydrate, reduce inflammation and smooths the skin. It’s a simple way to give the area some TLC.

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– Caitlin Agnew

Special to The Globe and Mail