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Soke Founder’s Interview with Canvas Rebel

We recently connected with Amy Newman Brown and have shared our conversation below.

Amy, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. What did your parents do right and how has that impacted you in your life and career?

I love reflecting on what my parents did right. They instilled a strong sense of independence in me with their “figure it out yourself” and “you can do it” attitude. Growing up pre-internet, I learned to seek information the old-fashioned way – through dictionaries and library visits. This DIY approach to life taught me resourcefulness and self-reliance. Navigating my way on a bike, walking, or using public transport instead of relying on modern conveniences like Uber, fostered a sense of determination and adaptability. These qualities have been fundamental in my journey with Soke Beauty, where perseverance and the drive to innovate are key.


Great, appreciate you sharing that with us. Before we ask you to share more of your insights, can you take a moment to introduce yourself and how you got to where you are today to our readers.

From a young age, I’ve thrived on staying busy, evolving from running kool-aid stands to working in real estate, and eventually leading as an Aesthetic Director for a plastic surgeon. This journey shaped my philosophy on skincare – focusing on pro-aging rather than anti-aging. At Soke Beauty, we’ve revolutionized skincare with our unique, innovative hydrogel treatment masks. Unlike typical sheet or flash masks, our products are crafted with a multi-peptide infused gel technology, rigorously tested and validated through clinical trials. This commitment to evidence-based skincare sets Soke Beauty apart. We ensure our customers understand the importance and potential benefits of result-oriented beauty products. Specializing in treatments for often overlooked areas – the eyes, chest, and neck – Soke Beauty offers both preventative and corrective solutions suitable for all skin types and ages. I take pride in our dedication to transparency and efficacy, aiming to empower our customers with knowledge and quality care.



Training and knowledge matter of course, but beyond that what do you think matters most in terms of succeeding in your field?

In the beauty and skincare industry, success is not just about training and knowledge, but also about the passion for what we do. Genuine passion is crucial for innovation, maintaining quality, and connecting with clients. At Soke, we empathize with our customers’ needs, which is vital for creating a brand that resonates with its audience authentically and creatively. Success can be subjective, and for me, it’s defined by the willingness to embrace mistakes and failures as valuable learning experiences. Each challenge is an opportunity for growth and introspection, fostering overall development. A successful business needs to constantly analyze both positives and negatives, be agile in its strategies, welcome constructive criticism, and commit to the hard work required to thrive. This holistic approach, combined with a passion for skincare wellness, underpins the success and impact of what I do on a daily basis.



Can you tell us about what’s worked well for you in terms of growing your clientele?

At Soke Beauty, our most effective strategy for growing our clientele has been rooted in proactive and meaningful communication. We utilize various channels like social media, email, and even traditional phone calls to reach and engage with our customers. By regularly surveying our community, we gather invaluable feedback on our products and gain insights into what information they seek from us. This two-way communication fosters a deeper connection with our audience, helping us to tailor our offerings and educational content to their specific needs and preferences, thereby nurturing trust and loyalty within our customer base.