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Soke Recipient of LUX Life Global Excellence Award 2023

Most Innovative Hydrogel Skincare Treatments

At Soke, the women-owned business provides innovative skincare solutions designed to address the first signs of aging. Its hydrogel treatment masks are carefully formulated to leave skin feeling radiant and rejuvenated. Soke products integrate seamlessly into skincare routines and can be used as frequently as desired for immediate results. With cutting-edge masks clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, users can feel confident in long-term skin benefits with only short-term wear. Soke has been bestowed with a Global Excellence Award for its nourishing solutions and pioneering work in the skincare industry.

All Soke treatments are infused with pure hydrogel, a soothing combination of active ingredients, peptides, water, and polymers.

This blend results in a jelly-like form that plumps, hydrates, and nurtures skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The hydrogel recipe uses multi-peptides and additives, avoiding irritants and other chemicals. Peptides are amino acids containing essential proteins that boost the production of collagen and revitalise ageing skin.

Soke’s simple ingredients ensure its formula remains highly potent, easily transferring to the skin through a unique delivery system. Its gel matrix is designed for flexibility, adhering to skin without moving or leaving sticky residue behind. All treatment masks also have an outside liner, which allows for the optimal absorption of its active ingredients. The multilayered delivery system locks in moisture, ensuring deeper penetration into the skin. Soke’s clinical trials have demonstrated the hydrating power of its hydrogel beyond the surface level. Its hydrogel is made in North America in a FDA registered and ISO certified facility that has been a manufacturer of the gel for over 25 years.

Founder Amy Newman Brown is an advocate of pro-ageing and believes people should have a say in how they age.

As the Aesthetic Director of one of North America’s finest plastic surgeons, Amy has worked with countless patients to help them find the best, non-invasive treatments available.

Many patients seek ways to enhance and maintain their results post-treatment, particularly in areas that reflect ageing the most such as eye contours, decolletages, and necks. Having tried numerous solutions, Amy believed there had to be a more efficient and timely way to treat these areas of the body. From there, she envisioned the idea of Soke.

Amy says, “At the time, I didn’t know it was going to be what it is today. I just knew it had to be simple, comfortable to wear, and actually work. After going down a rabbit hole of research and talking to half a dozen people, I finally found something that would work. We took the most innovative medical-grade ingredients (currently used by plastic surgeons to accelerate the healing process of the skin) and infused them with a powerful multi-peptide complex to create a true hydrogel treatment mask that tightens, plumps, and lifts the skin in as little as 30 minutes. After two clinical trials that reinforced the results we saw, Soke was born.”

Regardless of age, gender, lifestyle, or skin type, everyone can benefit from Soke treatment masks. With firm but flexible application, products can be used at home, at work, or on the go. Soke blends modernity with efficacy, delivering skincare solutions that provide fast results for smoother and tighter skin.

Moving forward, Soke aims to expand into more spas and aesthetic clinics, offering more consumers the opportunity to try its pioneering products. 2024 is certain to be a year of incredible growth for the brand as the team works to diversify its line with more treatment masks for unexplored areas of the face and body. At Soke, the team is committed to addressing skin’s problem areas with clinically proven solutions designed to deliver radiant skin. With a scientifically backed formula and unique delivery system, the company prides itself on being the most modern and efficient way to achieve long-term skin benefits. Under Founder Amy’s innovative direction, the brand will continue to provide customers with pampering experiences that leave them feeling confident and rejuvenated. For its researchdriven products, Soke has received the title of Most Innovative Hydrogel Skincare Treatments.